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What is Munching Caterpillars?

In 2017 Munching Caterpillars hits Bristol! We are a Butterfly Conservation project all about increasing awareness and understanding of butterflies, moths and their caterpillars among young people and their families. We do this by creating resources, suggesting ideas and through running projects that involve lots of hands on opportunities, encouraging everyone to take simple measures to help butterflies and moths in their own gardens and school grounds. For schools particularly we have two lessons tailored for Key Stage 2. In the first we get grubby and plant up some of the grounds with caterpillar munch and all-important nectar plants, essential fuel for butterflies and moths. In the second we bring in caterpillars and encourage the kids to do the same! We also bring in our marvellous moths and brilliant butterflies. We want kids to see these creatures up close and personal. Most of all, Munching caterpillars is about having fun and enjoying these beautiful insects!

Today we are funded by the People’s Postcode Lottery, Ernest Cook Trust, Bristol and Somerset Branch of Butterfly Conservation and the Bristol Naturalists Society.

What have we achieved before?

Our original Heritage Lottery funded project ran from 2012 until 2015.

Three Project Officers visited primary schools, community groups, events and festivals with their unique interactive workshops. Nothing hi-tech, these workshops were all about giving children some close encounters with live specimens, getting outside and getting grubby. An important feature of the project was about providing food and nectar plants for butterflies, moths and their caterpillars too. Our mission was to create ‘Caterpillar Munchboxes’ and ‘Butterfly Fuel Stations’ in school grounds, gardens and green spaces throughout the project area (Dorset & Somerset). Watch our little film to see how we got on!

The Project was a huge success, exceeding our targets and expectations every year. We delivered 233 Primary School Workshops, took 19 groups of children out on to our reserves, attended 99 public and community events and delivered 16 training workshops.

In total, we reached approximately 14,000 children!

Meet the Team...


Kate Merry (Senior Education Officer)

I grew up in the suburbs of London but trips to the local park with my Dad were all it took to get me hooked on wildlife. I was always conducting some sort of scientific study in my jam jar laboratory... Now I am lucky enough to live on the Somerset Levels, and the jam jars are no longer needed because it’s all right outside my front door! My all time favourite moth is the Lappet. It looks just like a cluster of dried oak leaves - beautiful. I had one in my moth trap one morning and took about a hundred photos! Here is one of them: Kate's caterpillar
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