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Caterpillar Munch Boxes and Butterfly Fuel Stations

A very important part of the Munching Caterpillars mission was to get as many people as possible to help moths and butterflies thrive in their gardens, school grounds and local green spaces by growing Butterfly Fuel and Caterpillar Munch. Adult moths and butterflies feed on the nectar of a range of plants, with some being particularly good for plentiful, accessible nectar. But it’s also really important to make sure that there is food for their caterpillars too! The caterpillars of many much loved moths and butterflies are extremely fussy eaters, needing specific food plants to munch on. That’s where our Caterpillar Munch Boxes and Butterfly Fuel Stations came in – we potted up and planted out over 3,500 plants in schools, gardens and and in community spaces!

Get Involved

Our Project may have come to an end but you can still get involved and help the butterflies, moths and caterpillars in your school grounds or garden! Find out what you can plant, and what they will attract by using the two menus on the right. Take a look at our plant lists and instructions in our resources section and get planting! We would love to hear your stories and see your pictures of any munch boxes and fuel stations you have planted. Even better if you have spotted any caterpillars, butterflies or moths feeding on them! Let us know, and we will feature your findings.