How many legs do caterpillars have?

All Caterpillars have 6 legs. They are at the front of the body just behind the head. Most caterpillars also have several “prolegs” further along their body. These are usually fatter or lumpier than the true legs and help the caterpillar move along a twig or leaf.

How long do butterflies live?

This depends entirely on the species. Most butterflies spend between a few days and a few weeks as an adult, however there are several that can hibernate as an adult and spend up to five or six months this way. It is important to remember the adult stage is just one part of the lifecycle; the others are the egg, larva (caterpillar) and pupa (chrysalis). If you add these together most butterflies live for a whole year, although a few can have two generations in the same year.

What is the difference between butterflies and moths?

There is no simple answer to this as most of the rules have exceptions... Both belong to the group Lepidoptera, meaning scaly-winged insects, both can be large or small and both can fly in the daytime (although many more moths fly at night). While most butterflies are brightly coloured there are some dull brown species, and although most moths are predominantly brown or grey there are many with beautiful colours to rival the brightest butterfly. The best clue is their antennae; moths’ are furry looking or feathery while butterflies’ are clubbed.