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Munching Caterpillars is Back!

April 11, 2017

At the end of 2015, our flagship education project, ‘Munching caterpillars’ came to an end. This exciting and successful project resulted in over 14,000 children across Dorset and Somerset learning all about butterflies, moths and their caterpillars through our unique, hands-on workshops and events. They came face to face with live specimens and got their hands dirty planting up their school grounds and gardens with nectar rich ‘butterfly fuel’ and food plants for caterpillars to munch.

A new project emerges
Over the last year, Munching Caterpillars has been in hibernation. Although, perhaps that’s not the right word because while all may have appeared still and quiet on the surface, we have been working hard, formulating plans to take BC’s education work forward, developing ideas for new projects and finding the funding to make those ideas a reality.

And so we are really excited that the first of those ideas is ready to emerge and stretch its wings in time for spring. Early last year, I met with members of the Somerset and Bristol branch of Butterfly Conservation. Enthused by the success of the Munching Caterpillars project and keen to engage with members living in urban centres, the Branch were eager to try a new project with a city focus. And so Munching Caterpillars Goes to Town was born – a project that would deliver our tried and trusted formula but to children and their families living in the most urban areas of Bristol, where green spaces and few and far between.

We are prepared for the new challenges and opportunities this project will bring, and we have some exciting new elements to add. We’ll be working with teachers to rear caterpillars in the classrooms and will be encouraging the children to keep a diary or video blog of the process. We’ll be taking advantage of the vibrant and quirky event scene in Bristol by commissioning the world’s first pop-up Caterpillar Café (serving up a delicious selection of caterpillar food plants to takeaway) and we have joined forces with the University of West England’s student volunteer programme to help us deliver a very busy programme of workshops and events.

Competition for funding is fierce but we were delighted and very thankful for the support from players of the People’s Postcode Lottery through the Postcode Local Trust, the Ernest Cook Trust and the Bristol Naturalists’ Society which along with funds made available from the Somerset & Bristol Branch, have made this project possible.

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