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Munching Caterpillars’ Super Summer

September 11, 2014

Munching Caterpillars have been really busy over the last 6 months visiting schools and events all over Dorset and Somerset. In total we have run 66 workshops at 14 different schools, attended 32 events, led 9 family visits to local nature reserves and provided 3 training workshops for adults interested in getting involved with the project.

In all we have engaged with a staggering 4250 children in just 6 months!

Here’s just a few examples of what we have been up to:


Back in April we visited pupils at Chard School for the first time. The children learnt all about butterflies and moths, what they need to survive, and why they are so important to the environment. They then headed out to get their hands dirty and help the butterflies, moths and caterpillars in their school gardens by planting some special food plants.

The children were really enthusiastic and keen to help butterflies and moths. During my second visit in June it was obvious that many of them were budding naturalists. Their knowledge of the natural world was really impressive and several children often spent their break times in the science lab caring for their very own caterpillars.

During their second workshop pupils at Chard School got to meet some live moths.

Children at Chard School meet some live moths. Image by Richard Lucas.


Melplash Show in Bridport was one of our biggest events this summer. We had over 180 children visit us and plant up their own butterfly fuel plant to take home to their gardens. It was a really great day with big thanks to Groves Nurseries who not only allowed us to have a space on their stand but also donated compost and goodie bags for the children on the day.


This year we attended our first ever festival! Camp Bestival, on the Lulworth Estate, was the perfect setting for Munching Caterpillars. We had lots of live specimens, butterfly walks, crafty activities, and giant trolley munchboxes to plant up. We also had a design your own caterpillar competition – over 100 children took part and we had some really great entries! By the end of the weekend we had spoken to almost 1000 families – certainly our busiest event yet. Thanks to all who got involved, especially our team of dedicated volunteers!

Our stand at Camp Bestival

Our stand at Camp Bestival. Image by Charley Miller.

Now with events and school visits drawing to a close Munching Caterpillars has started to look forward to next spring/summer. We are looking for more schools and events to visit next year within Dorset and Somerset. If you are interested in having us visit you please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We would love to hear from you!

Megan Lowe – Munching Caterpillars Project Officer