Our Projects

Munching Caterpillars first hatched back in 2012 following a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund. It was Butterfly Conservation’s flagship education project and had a simple aim: to introduce children to the beautiful and fascinating world of butterflies, moths and their caterpillars.

We wanted to deliver an exciting, hands-on project that was fun for everyone taking part. For some, we hoped it might be the first spark that begins a lifetime of interest and enjoyment, providing the next generation of naturalists, volunteers and conservationists. Over three years, our Project Officers travelled throughout Dorset and Somerset delivering exciting workshops in primary schools that brought children face to face with live specimens and got them actively involved in improving their own school grounds for butterflies and moths. The team also attended public and community events, took groups of children out on to Butterfly Conservation reserves, and held a series of training workshops for environmental education practitioners. In total, the project reached approximately 14,000 children.

Although the project came to an end in November 2015, we were determined that the project successes, lessons learned and ideas developed would be used in the development of new Munching Caterpillars projects across the UK. Please take a look at our project pages to see what exciting things we are up to now!